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Battle Wave

Battle Wave is a 2D Action Game!
In Battle Wave there are 20 waves of non-stop action!
In order to get past a wave you will need to get the required amount of kills or get a key drop to unlock the next door.
This game features, many kinds of weapons. such as, The Ak47, minigun, uzi and much more! There is also armor and helmets for protection!
There are random (hidden or in plain sight) doors around the game with free EXP, Money, Armor, and Weapons!
Battle Wave is a work in progress and may not be fully ready yet! Want to get in the action as soon as possible? Download Today!

Check Out BattleWave's Update Log. Check Out BattleWave's Media
BattleWave is at an early stage of development. There is much more to come and is subject to change.

Update - 07/19/20

Version v20.7.19 has been released! This update brings fixes to the drop tables, and Key fixes that were broken due to the previous update. Check out the Update page here for more information about v20.7.19. Pleasse continuing emailing me at alex@faregaming.com for any feedback.
Thank You,

Apology - 07/12/2020

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded BattleWave and for the continued suport. On behalf of all at FareGaming, I would like to issue this apology for releasing untested updates recently while we work on the Mobile update. Updates are being worked on now to fix the drop table that was broken due to the last update combining the ammo types. We have reverted back to update 19.8.11 while we issue a new update.
Thank You for the feedback,